Review: Deep Recovery

“Meet Your New Massage Therapist”  Eric Jeffrey, the creator of Deep Recovery, shipped me some self-care tools to try out, then, give an honest review. So, here it is…

The Deep Recovery came out of a need Eric sought to treat his own chronic pain. The Deep Recovery tools includes a variety of massage balls of various densities, body rollers, Body Track and Neck Track.

Deep Recovery massage balls in mesh bag.
Assorted Deep Recovery massage balls.

For the most part, I tried the tools and I really like them. Below, I break down why:

Let’s start with the videos.

The instructional videos are specific and helpful. They go into great detail on ways to use the tools. The video instructions suggest holding positions on the balls from 12-60 seconds. I stepped over those suggestions several times. I might have even taken a short nap. I do not suggest this for anyone, I’m just a bit hard-core after 20 years of bodyworker  build-up.

I’ve gotta include abdominal work, right?

Using the tools on my tummy with a focus on abdominal organs was intense and effective. I used the softer, large massage balls, with less pressure and time sustained…avoiding my gall bladder. Working along the path of the large intestine (from right to left) was intense, profound… targeted. In a perfect world of perfect tummies there should be no pain when rolling around on one’s tummy…I’m still working on that aspect of perfection.

Woman using massage balls for abdominal massage.
Abdominal massage with Deep Recovery Tools

After ab work, my breathing was deeper with less effort. There appeared to be some emotional release as well. Nothing big, remnants of the past held over the years. To be expected when working on an emotionally charged area of the body.

Great points to work LU1, along the large intestine,  navel and solar plexus.  Use the softer balls and keep the pressure comfortable, would be my suggestions. Avoid the xiphoid process, if you have one (not everyone has one don’t cha know). I plan to use the Deep Recovery tools on my tummy on a regular basis.

The Neck Track

My absolute fave tool is the Neck Track. As soon as I placed my neck between the massage balls, I Screenshot 2018-08-28 at 9.49.21 PMfelt an adjustment; gentle, instant traction between the 3rd and 4th vertebrae of my neck. It was AWESOME!  Here’s a Deep Recovery article for more info on self-care treatments for chronic neck pain.


The bilateral pressure of the balls gently popped the two discs apart. ( I don’t know how long that compression had been happening.)

The Body Track

The Body Track is soft and malleable; used for keeping the balls under control. I also found it helpful with keeping my spine aligned properly.  It worked well for me with the larger yellow and black balls. However, I found that the track’s thickness prevented me from getting the full effect with the smaller ones.

Man using body track
Self-care massage using Deep Recovery Tools

The videos instruct the user to lift the lower body for deeper pressure. I get how it can be more effective, however, tensing other parts of the body to get focused release felt counter productive. I imagined after lifting your lower body to release your back, you’d then have to work on your glutes and legs to release the tension created trying to work on the upper body.

In some cases, I felt the mesh enclosed balls would be more effective than the body track, there’s no track to get in the way and the balls stay aligned and under control.

Calf massage with Deep Recovery tools.
Massage tools used in their mesh bag.


That being said, Deep Recovery now has an active Kickstarter to fund an additional design called the Back Roller. I think it’s a huge improvement. Checkout the video here. You’ll receive a discount on products if you contribute to the campaign.

In Summary

Will the Deep Recovery system replace your favorite MT? I don’t think so, but it’ll work when you need relief in a pinch (no pun intended) and make deep tissue for your massage therapist more efficient and effective so all your table time isn’t spent in agony and they can finally get some scalp massage in with the extra time. Yay!



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