The Unsusptecting V-Steam “Volunteer”

So, I just got off the phone with a friend who was going to be in my neighborhood in about two hours and wanted to drop by for a visit.  It’ll be good to see her but I did have plans to work on the computer and do some random milling around the apt. (I do this sometimes…actually a lot.) Hmm…yes, it’ll be great to see her, however, we’re going to get something more than a social visit out this day. She has been signed up to try a V-steam. Did I mention it before she arrived? Heck no! But, she was  not surprisingly down for the experience. Yay!

Having worked with her before, I know a great deal about her medical history; reoccurring uterine fibroids, constipation and anxiety. Her diet is not the most beneficial…alas, a work in progress.

I gave her the low down on what was going to happen and what she had to do, which was nothing more than sit over a steaming pot of herbs. Easy enough…well let’s get going! The herbs were ready when she arrived, just a bit more steeping and cooling. I have to make this comfortable or she’ll never trust any of my experiments again. Now the herb concoction has cooled enough, I place a towel on the seat of a very well cleaned toilet, pot o’herbs placed inside the toilet bowl, seat down. I tell her to undress from the waist down, make sure the towel doesn’t slide and block the steam…doodle…doodle…doodle…ask if she has any questions, then I leave the room. Ok, now it’s been about 5 mins…

me-How you doin’ in there? Temperature comfortable?

her-I’m fine, yes, the temperature is fine.

me-Seat comfortable?

her- Yes, it’s comfortable.

Ok, all seems good so far. The recommendation for steaming is 15-20 minutes. It’s has now been 20, I let her know the time (she’s also on a bit of a schedule, don’t want her to have to rush afterwards). And to my surprise she asks to stay for another five minutes. “Sure”, I say. That’s a good sign.

This is what she had to say about her experience:

 expectations(if any), than actual experience

I did not know what to expect at first.  As I sat down, the steam hit and it felt relaxing and comforting.  Long overdue, I thought.

how you felt during the steam and after

I enjoyed the steam, my pelvic floor relaxed, all tensions left,  the cramped feeling in my abdomen was released too.  It put me in great state of mind

comfort of sitting

After sitting 30 minutes, I started feeling the inside of edge of the toilet seat, may be due to the towel shifting a bit.

what you felt the night of, how you slept (any difference from any other night)

Feeling lighter, at peace in mind, and body.  I slept comfortably and woke up with energy.  Plus my bowels moved pretty good.  Plus the steam effects lasted another 2 days for me.  There was no discharge.

She took home a ‘to go’ bag of herbs to use after her menses; more reports coming up.

For your own V-steam experience, shop here.


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