Adventures In Anal Steaming

Ready to steam a bottom?  G-Steam plant combination

OK, soooo I know this whole At-Home V-Steam and G-Steam stuff is pretty new to just about everyone. Even though it’s been around for hundreds of years in many countries and cultures. These latest blog entries are meant to inform with a little entertainment just to keep it real and relaxed. Which I feel is pretty important because many topics on the “down there” parts are usually related to a cuss word or solely thought of as the “the naughty bits and the dirty bits”.

Congratulations to me! I got a guy to try out the G-Steam (in some spas called the A-Steam) plant combination. I approached him in a way that most delicate subjects are broached…via text. Here’s how it went:

(We enter on the conversation where I deftly switch the subject.)

me: Hmm…I’ll take you up on that. But I’d also like a favor. I’m test running my G-Steams. Yes! Steams for the guys. I need feedback and you’re pretty open to new things. (He’s a Leo, so he loves flattery). What about it?

him: Elaborate

me: Is that a question? If yes, not at all. I boil a pot of herbs place it in the toilet (thoroughly cleaned) you sit for 15-20 minutes. Then, dare I say, relax for ten and tell me how you feel/felt during and after your “treatment”. (He’s also very type A. Ideally, relaxing an hour afterwards would be most beneficial but, I knew that wasn’t going to happen. One must meet one where they’re at.)

Him: Bwahaha! Is there a prize? (Men, big negotiators)

So, I had to promise interesting reading material and a quick massage afterwards.

him: lol! Damn you, Keely. That’s some vulnerable junk.

me: I’ll/we’ll make sure it’s the perfect temp. That’s one thing to figure out, maybe a towel underneath “Jr.,” to elevate him from the steam. Then once it cools…let’em hang free. Then, it kinda becomes a steam and soak. The steam will be therapeutic for your prostate, anus (pause for laughter)…and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles.

Well you mull it over…

Him: I’ll do it.

He, let’s call him Leo comes over and tells me from the get go that he’s a little nervous about this thing I’ve got him into. I give him a walk through of what’s going to happen. Show him the herbs simmering on the stove; how the pot of herbs will be placed in the commode with a comfy towel folded on the seat for…comfort. Instead of my reading material, he decides to do some steaming research on his phone while experiencing his own steam. Leo’s been in for about 5 minutes, I check in, he says it’s a little hot but he moved around a bit and it’s ok now. It has now been 17 mins, he’s pretty quiet…good sign. I tell him “in 3 minutes it will be 20 minutes, do you want to stay there?’ “I can stay another 3 minutes”, he says. Very good sign.

Leo emerges from the bathroom visibly relaxed, heavy eyelids, speech slower and voice…a bit deeper. All signs of relaxation. Most people look like him after having a massage.

Leo’s review:

It was fun being your “guinea pig”. I must admit that it felt as though the steam chose my scrotum as it’s victim. Once the temperature became a little more bearable, it was extremely relaxing and felt like I was receiving a facial or more properly termed an a-scial(?)

Scrotum ended up relaxing and dropping with the steam and sitting.

Additional comments via phone:

I felt clean…more of an awareness, engaged… and the area felt toned, like a workout without working out.

What did you do with the “family jewels” while the steam was cooling?

Had to move my balls away from the heat. (up into his lap)

Any awareness around your anus during the steam?

No attention on the anus because I was focused on comfort of my scrotum (very understandable)

How long did the awareness and other affects last?

One day

Did you have any expectations?

None whatsoever. I would suggest using a foot stool while steam, it adds to the level of comfort.

Would you do it again?


Some points to pass on to future At-Home G-Steamers:

-Make sure the temperature is comfortable for all body parts involved. Just place the lid over the herbs and wait a few minutes to cool. This is no time to be a tough guy.

-Placing your feet on a short stool while steaming, relaxes the buttock and leg muscles while opening the pelvic floor muscles allowing more steamy access to the anus (pause for laughter).

-Do not use any type of steam if trying to increase sperm count. You can use the steam bath as a warm sitz bath instead.

At-Home G-Steams can be useful for:

relaxing pelvic floor muscles

improving circulation of blood, lymph, chi, oxygenation of tissue

improving tissue/muscle health and tone

releasing congestion around the prostate and bladder

relaxation of gluteal muscles

improving anal tissue health and tone (hemorrhoids should be treated with a warm sitz bath)

relaxation of the sacral muscles and attachments (lower back).

a total bod chill out

*After steaming, light stretching like child’s pose is pretty amazing.

Thanks for being so brave, Leo!!!!


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