Free! 13 Tips-How to Get a Good Massage Anywhere!

Have you wanted to get a massage but, had no idea of what you would be getting yourself into? Does the burning question underwear on or off haunt your dreams? Well be perplexed no more! With these 13 Tips for getting A Good Massage Anywhere, you’ll be more than prepared to get a massage like…

DIY Tummy Massage Oil

Keely shows you an easy and quick recipe for making a specialized massage oil for bloated, full, uncomfortable tummies.

Adventures In Anal Steaming

OK, soooo I know this whole At-Home V-Steam and G-Steam stuff is pretty new to just about everyone. Even though it’s been around for hundreds of years in many countries…

A Juicy V-Steam Video

Vaginal steams (V-steams), in conjunction with abdominal massage can be exceptionally beneficial.

A Cautionary Tale: Empire Broadcasting Group, Basket of Grifters?

OK, this post is a bit off topic, but I think it’s important to share.   On the 13th of Dec. 2016, I received a call from Eleanor, stating she worked for Empire Radio, which was actually incorrect, the “station” is called Empire Broadcasting Group, (a typo in her script, maybe),  she left me a…